Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year! For those of you who celebrated here at Garnet Hill Lodge last night, you got to experience a new wave of excellence that is building. Subtle and not so subtle improvements and changes are all around, some being things like new linens and silver wear and other tactile elements that just feel right and make a big difference.

Behind the scenes it is quite an organization that goes on to bring out your meal, a flow and orderly chaos, so to speak. The intensity of the kitchen on a busy night is a sight to behold, kind of like a dance as everyone has an intertwined role and purpose as they roll through the night, very little wasted motion, and a lot of hustle. Chef Andrew is the composer and conductor of this train, and he runs a tight ship.

For me, it is pretty neat to experience and watch and learn. I've learned a lot of organizational things that might work in my environment at the ski shop during the crazy days when there are a crush of people waiting to get tickets and rentals. I've learned how hard the kitchen and wait-staff work at their craft to provide an exceptional dining experience right outside the swinging doors. But, I think the most valuable thing I've learned this winter is how to stay out of Andy's way when the heat is on. He is the guy that feeds me after all! In all seriousness, Andy is a really great chef that I've learned a lot from so far, from culinary ideas and method to management skills, and it has only just begun. Getting back to the tactile element theme, it is all of that combined flow that brings your food out at the perfect temperature and succulent goodness. Thanks Andy.

And Happy New Year to you from all of us at Garnet Hill Lodge!

New Year's dinner

Chef Andy lights it up

Happy New Year to me!

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