Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yes, as Jay says below, we had a great time last night serving a long list of wonderful people who were very appreciative of what we have been doing over the last several weeks and we're very encouraged that we actually pulled off such a large and successful dinner for them.  So we thank all who were able to join us as well as our employees who's hard work and teamwork made it possible.

Here's the story in pictures:

 Jeff and Kylie on their way to delivering dinners to a table 
of 23 in the porch dining room while guests in the main dining
 room enjoy theirs

Some of our guests sitting down to New Year's Eve Dinner 
with the Christmas tree in the background

 A few patrons in the pub enjoying a beer or glass of wine.

Our friend Kent Jeffrey stepping in to bar tend for our first full 
opening night with a liquor license.

 Our friends Sharon and Sam up for a visit

 Folks out on the ski trails

 A group shot

 The view from the log house on New Year's Eve

The view from the beach on Thirteenth Lake

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