Friday, January 13, 2012


While writing this at midnight tonight, the winds are howling outside and the temperatures have swung from 34 degrees this morning to single digits tonight. We've received nearly a foot of snow over the past few days, and we have been skiing like crazy in the driving snow. We've snowshoe'd, skied the groomers by day and out in the back country at night, and then across the lake last night. I've been out with local friends, lodge guests, and by myself. For all of us skiing an on snowshoes, we are all having fun, enjoying the wilderness setting here, wholly taking in the experience. That is what we provide -- an experience for you be it enchanting moonlit skies, catching falling snow on your tongue, whooping it up downhill on skis or simply reading a book by the grand fireplace in the lodge. We are so pleased that deep winter has returned to the Adirondacks with all of it's splendor, and we want you to experience it, too!

As you can imagine, it has been quite a ride the last few days with regards to weather. The new snow and climate shift is such a welcome sight, and the overall buzz and level of activity at the shop is electrifying. Seeing so much snow pile in and hanging in the trees is just the snow fix that we all needed. Sharing it with all of our old and new friends is what makes us happy.

One woman who has more experience than pretty much anyone is 85 year old firecracker and local historian Milda Burns. Milda is a wealth of local historical knowledge, culture and folklore, and she frequently gives talks at the lodge. With respect to how intertwined we are in the local garnet mining and logging industry, Milda will enchant you with her tales and historical display -- it is up to you to determine the authenticity of her folklore. Be sure to catch Milda next time she comes up.

Mid-winter conditions here at Garnet Hill, and hot soup and chili await you in the shop! Come and get it...

Seniors or not, it's always a race

Milda holding court Late night fun in the back country

Groomed for your pleasure!

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