Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting started at Garnet Hill

Today is the first day for the Garnet Hill Lodge blog.  My name is Don and I'm the new prospective owner of the best cross country skiing resort in New York State.
That's right, I said prospective.  Mindy (that's my girlfriend, significant other etc...) and I haven't yet closed on the property.  It's been held up for a couple of months now as the present owner squabble over this and that.  But we're somewhat optimistic that it will happen before the season opens this year. But who knows.  If you're reading this, then chances are we are currently the new owners as we won't be able to publish and links to the blog until we are.  So there you have it.
So we're starting this blog to get the word out and share our experiences, trials, and tribulations as well as successes and progress with all those who may be interested.
Each day or as often as we can Mindy and/or I will try to post some tidbits of information regarding what we did that day and how things are going.  Hopefully our friends and guests at Garnet Hill will find it interesting and maybe even entertaining.