Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Adventures in Snowfall

Late night winter weather advisories are always seriously watched by me, hoping any accumulation would add to our base and help to extend our season and just help out. We've had a pretty crazy mix of weather and I knew this past Tuesday's storm would be coming in wet and possibly changing to sleet/freezing rain. I always check right outside my kitchen window first thing in the morning, first light. Imagine my surprise, then, when getting up and getting a drink, bleary eyed and crooked with fatigue that morning that I would be greeted with an unusual and not predicted powder storm. Perhaps I interpreted all the national weather forecasters' interpretations wrong. Perhaps the incredible professional local weathermen (accuweather and, which I use, are good for general but oftentimes not detailed enough for our daily local) were wrong for once; an Adirondack anomaly. Perhaps instead of looking to the forecasters for weather this morning, I should have checked atop my 'fridge. For when I opened my eyes, and the 'fridge, I was greeted with the lightest most puffiest fluff powder first thing. First light and first tracks -- unfortunately they were in my house and looked like footprints -- the tracks were from my bare feet and the vacuum became my snow blower as fluff powder was actually just full, open, bag of flour.....

As I've said in the past, life is one big adventure here at Garnet Hill. Be it on site or off site, our proximity to so much and such diverse Adirondack recreational opportunity really is incredible and being able to return to the warm cozy fireplace at the Lodge overlooking 13th Lake is the perfect recharge. We are all here for the adventure, and there is so much to choose from.

One adventure we don't have a choice in, no matter how much we'd like, is the weather. Sometimes it is our best friend (like when it is dumping powder), sometimes not (like when it is 28 degrees and sleeting), but like an old friend, it is always there. This season has been tough weather- and snowfall-wise, but we have been luckier than most with getting snow and nicely skiable conditions partly due to our elevation of nearly 2100', and partly due to our luck. For skiing, it is definitely due to our phenomenal veteran groomer Dale Monthany. He is the best, and we are fortunate to have him -- Dale's been able to work magic with less than ideal snowfall to create great skiing all around here, and our guests are happy.

For this weekend looks like we'll luck out again and get some more snow to top off the foot or so that we got last week. It will make for more phenomenal grooming, and more phenomenal skiing. Get your skis waxed, gear packed, and get set for your own new adventure! And you can tell us about it at the fireplace...

High road or low road?

First light at 14 below in the Tailings.
Second Pond backcountry trip.

Friends or not, it is always a race!


  1. I have to say formally that I adore Jays posts to this blog; he reminds me why so many of us love to work, live, and most of all ski at this wonderful as well as colorful establishment known as Garnet Hill. Jay has a way of making you smile and sigh, when at times like this and mother nature withholds that precious white stuff, one would normally lament and get all bummed out wondering when that next fantastic ski will come; Jay reminds us its here at Garnet right now! So ya I'm out the door and I'm gonna go for a great ski!

    1. I like Jay's posts too. But a bit of advice re weather forecasts. I use weather underground and have found it a bit more on target because it has someone in North River posting the latest.

    2. For us, we use Darrin at and for our local forecasting. Darrin has proven to be the most accurate and insightful thus far. Their weather is much more like ours than North River due to elevation, as well.