Friday, December 30, 2011


Being the Ski Director is not all about running around on snow mobiles, trying out new gear, selling products and (this season, anyway) praying for snow. It is a lifestyle that allows me to live within and pass on something that I am very passionate about -- skiing and the outdoor experience. Some days are pretty tough, tiring and challenging on many levels, but one thing that always puts it all back into perspective is teaching a lesson and watching someone "get it" and glide for the first time.

Ellen and Emily had never skied before. It was Ellen's lifelong dream to ski and stay at a winter lodge. She didn't come with expectations of perfect conditions from seasons past or prior experience from which to draw. Just a fresh set of eyes focused on a childhood dream. Being able to teach them a little and pass on the foundational elements of form and see them skiing correctly is such a thrill, and seeing their faces light up as they began gliding on the snow just made my day (which, coincidentally, was our first day of the season). The next day, seeing them enjoying skiing right outside the lodge, playing in soft snow and making their own tracks with the sweet smell of wood smoke from the chimney brought me back to why I ski. It is fun, pure and simple, it is freedom, and, here in the heart of the Adirondacks, it is the amazing sights and scents and sensations on skis that create the whole Nordic experience. Sure, it is sliding on two planks in the snow (or ski-swinging on the rope swing), but it is so much more.

Being part of these experiences is what I love the most, knowing that each and every one of you is having a great time up here. You meet the greatest people skiing -- everyone is out playing like they are kids. Just ask Mary and Frank. They've been here all week skiing and snowshoe trekking and I've seen them all over the property, every day, playing in the outdoors. What will your adventure behold?

Ellen and Emily making tracks

Prepare to launch

Long-time Garnet Hill visitors Mary and Frank bask in the glow

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