Thursday, December 22, 2011

Could be Snow

It looks like we may get 2-3 inches tonight and tomorrow morning.  Enough to start rolling the trails.  It will certainly be welcome for Christmas.
We continue to get ready for serving dinner on Sunday and also to prepare for the arrival of guests on Friday night.   John Philips did a lot of maintenance on the heating systems today, Debra from the Saratoga-North Creek Railroad stopped by to talk about working together, the Direct TV guy came and got the TVs up and running again.  (No, there won't be any TV in the Lodge rooms or pub any time soon).  The Pyrofax guy came and double checked that all the gas leaks have been fixed.  And the water conditioning guy came and checked over the dish washer and sanitizer.  Oh, and some other people came by and talked to Debra and Mindy that I didn't get to talk to at all, which was fine with me.
Here are some shots of people just working around the Lodge today.

 The kitchen is getting spruced up with Heidi doing a lot of the cleaning

 This is our coffee bar.  It goes great with the logs.

 Skorko tuned the piano today

 Some French Provincial style chairs we found to put into rooms

Mindy chatting to Andrew about menu details

And Yours Truly grinding away at the paperwork again

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