Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The day was going along pretty well for a while.  Lots of people were there moving tables back into the dining room after the carpet was cleaned, painting kitchen shelves, insulating windows upstairs, putting up Christmas decorations, cutting firewood, working in the ski shop etc.  I wasn't even too rattled by the news that the well pump down at the ski shop needs replacement as that news was accompanied and balanced by the sound of the PistenBullys roaring to life after being jump started down at the maintenance shed.  Shortly thereafter they were driven up 4H road to the parking area where they can be picked up by Mohawk Limited from out in Utica.
And lunch was delicious with Heidi Plumley making chicken salad and accompanying sandwiches with her pickled beans.
It was a little while after lunch  while trying to put the finishing touches on the gargantuan task of applying for a license to sell people a drink that the lights went out along with everything else.  Of course the first reaction is to look for a reason why a breaker would have tripped, but it soon became apparent that it was more than a breaker.  The power was out for the whole log house.  So out the door and down to the Ski Shop to see if that was affected.  Sure enough, the Tea House, where the carpets were being cleaned, was also out, and so was the Ski Shop.  Then I remembered talking to a crew of National Grid guys earlier by the woodshed who were lost and couldn't find the Big Shanty.  So I went down to talk to them to see if anything happened there.  The power to the lodge comes up from there.  But no, they didn't know anything.  They just do maintenance.  They put in a new pole and moved the wires up to it, but no, they didn't see or hear or do anything to affect the power.  And no, they couldn't look into it any further.  That's because they're contractors and they don't really even work for National Grid.
But I knew it was them.  I went down to Farm House Rd and stopped at a house where someone was home, Harold I think it was, and he had power, but he had heard a big bang and his power flashed off and then on again, right by the transformer before the wires go up to the Shanty.  So I went back and told the contractors that, but know it couldn't have been them.  It must have been an act of God the guy said.  But they wouldn't/couldn't do anything so we called NYMO and waited and waited 'till 4:30 they fixed it.  I went down to Farmhouse Rd and asked them what it was and they said this crew does this all the time.  They crossed the wires.  They just wished they would call and tell them so they wouldn't have to waste their time hunting thru the woods looking for down wires.
So with all that the day turned out pretty crappy.

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