Saturday, December 17, 2011

Starting out in the Restaurant

Well today was very exciting with a great turnout from the community to attend an open house this afternoon and a food sampling this evening from chef Andrew.  Andy made some very nice dish samplings tonight that everyone enjoyed.  But to make that possible, Louis Falzerano came through for us big time by fixing the gas leaks in the kitchen that the Pyrofax guys couldn't find.  It was something to watch him find these things with just simple equipment that the three other guys couldn't find in 3 hours.

Dusk at GHL

I took quite a few pictures and I'll just caption them to give a sense of what else we did.
Cooper and Reagan testing out the new bridge that Shannen and I built on Friday.  The bridge is at the bottom of the upper tailings where Trapper Trail comes in.

 A look at the underpinnings of 16 foot 8x8 pressure treated beams.

This is the site of a bridge that we removed on Cougar Run as it heads down toward Balm of Gilead.  This bridge will be replaced on Monday.  Then we'll have one more to go.

Same spot at a different angle.

 A shot of Jay DeJesus getting inventory organized in the Ski Shop in the afternoon

What the Ski Shop looks like right now.

 Flowers on the table ready for visitors on a beautiful afternoon.

The porch dining room decked out with new curtains made by Mindy's Mom that look awesome.  Along with the new table cloths and napkins and table decorations made by Mary Irene that are beautiful.

 The main dining room with the tables ready for place settings.

Elvis was in the house courtesy of the Widlunds

And finally, a photo of our new friends John and Sheri who stopped by to say hello at the open house.
Our friend Marilyn took a lot of pics throughout the afternoon and evening activities and I'll post those tomorrow.


  1. Mmmm yummy = ski inventory! Can't believe I missed Andy's sampling. So great to have AB back at GHL.

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog, and share your frustration with Nimo contractors! Best wishes for your opening. Hoping to get together as there is so much to talk to you about on your website (we host it, etc...). Warmest wishes for success. Sara Mannix 518-232-9266

  3. Great to read about your progress -- we are really rooting for your success and looking forward to being up there again December 27 -30 and meeting you. We are so happy to see new owners with enthusiasm for restoring GHL to its glory.

    --Karl Coplan & Robin Bell

  4. Dear Don & Mindy,
    I don't know if you were visiting GH when I worked at the ski shop as an instructor in the winter of 2000-01. That was when wonderful George was still the owner, Dick Carlson, the original Nordic Director, ran ski operations and Julie S. was ski school director. After a very trying two months at Lapland Lake, joining the staff at GH was a real joy. To actually be with people who enjoyed skiing and running a lodge, and where the food was great. And living in the staff house down on the river road with all the young folks, well, that was quite an adventure. That's why I was disappointed sometime later to hear that what sounded like a couple of beer-loving yuppies from Boston bought it and Dick had been fired in favor of a young guy with hardly any Nordic ski experience, but perhaps a business degree or something similar.

    So I'm glad to hear there's new ownership, and hoping that you'll be able to restore GH to its former glory - and more. Good luck,

    Gene Goldenfeld