Monday, May 21, 2012

Filming of "Approaching Normal" Begins

A snapshot of Preuninger's Pub tonight as the crew shoots a scene from "Approaching Normal"

Well the Lodge is looking better and better all the time.  Here are some pics showing how things are progressing.  Also, the film crew is here and they are filming a scene or two up at Hooper Mine today.  I'll have more pictures and info on what they're up to later today.

The flowers and plants by the entrance are coming up nicely.  Our local Master Gardeners are helping with the flower beds and garden design and we really appreciate their efforts and the difference they are making.  Judy Brown, who also does garnet jewelry in her nearby shop, is leading that effort.

 We've finished painting along the front of the Log House and started to get the patio ready to serve food and drinks out there.

 To the left is where the new screen porch is being put in.  It's coming along nicely.

And this is what it looks like from the inside right now.

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