Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting things ready for summer

For the past few days we were happy to have Mr. and Mrs. Gregg and Donna Moore staying with us for their honeymoon.  They enjoyed themselves and we enjoyed having them here.

In the guest lounge pool table room I've been starting to chink the walls to improve their look and increase their insulation capacity.  There were some pretty good drafts flowing in between the logs over the winter.  The chinking comes in large caulking gun canisters and is fairly easy to apply and manipulate.

Partially completed chinking of one wall in the pool table room

Completed except for the molding in the corner where insulation needs to go

Partially completed back wall

 Old dump trailer I'm working on to be able to hook hydraulics up to my tractor.  Needs a new rear tire too.  The other implement is a sander which we'll use next winter to for the road ice and parking lot.

 Assembling and coating 6 Adirondack chairs.  They should be ready for Mother's Day

Rescreening most of the screen house.  Then coating the unfinished logs and wood on the inside and it should look pretty decent again.

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