Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today is our two month anniversary of running the Lodge.  It's a big day for us.  We've done a lot in those 2 months, and we've learned how much more there is to be done.
Here are just some of the things we've done.  Guests may be aware of some but most things are behind the scenes.  They're not in any special order, just the order that they occur to me.

Hired and trained a staff of 30.
Cleaned the premises from top to bottom.
Got the Ski Shop up and running.
Got the grooming equipment and vehicles fixed and ready.
Got all the necessary insurance in place.
Redesigned table settings with new plates, tablecloths, silverware and glasses.
Cleaned out cluttered rooms and closets
Created menus and wine lists
Established staff procedures and standards for service and room cleaning.
Established an accounting system
Obtained a temporary liquor license
Established a long list of suppliers for food, fuel, soda, beer, wine, utilities, repair services.
Established a payroll system
Fixed numerous problems with plumbing, electrical, heating, security and kitchen systems.
Established a credit card processing system
Established a computer network
Fixed broken appliances
Winterized pipes and plumbing
Set up and executed advertising and marketing plans.
Established a music system.
Decorated for Christmas.
Redesigned the dining room layout and flow.
Redecorated porches and dining room

So we're proud of what we've accomplished and our guests have been very happy and complimentary of what we've done, but we know there's still a long way to go.  And I know there are things I've left off the list and there are lots of things we don't know we need to do yet. But in another few months I'll write down another list of things we've accomplished and then a few months after that another list.  And so on...

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