Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hold Outs

Contrary to what many people may think (those seeing grass in their front yards), there is still snow around to ski on, and a good bit of it just so happens to be right here at Garnet Hill. Not bragging, mind you -- this season is definitely not one to brag about. Just fortunate for our location, elevation, and grooming. We are amongst a few North American Nordic ski center hold-outs with still ski-able conditions. And it has been really pleasant with nice snow, even nicer guests and experiences, and the refreshing charm of being in the heart of the Adirondack mountains.
This season has been fun, but it has also been one with frustration on many fronts; grooming carefully to make nice conditions but trying so hard to not lose any precious base, watching weather forecasts and seeing potential snowfall events repeatedly downgrade, watching the warm sunlight which brings warmth and lightness of heart also eat in to our precious ski base. All of these things are so incredibly impacting in the delicate balance of creating and maintaining the ski conditions you expect from us, and weathering the lack of, well, weather.

Through it all, there have been many more great moments. Seeing people enjoying themselves on the trails is great. Skiing and talking with you all, taking photos and shooting video is fun and pleasantly social. Hearing all of their stories on the Roger's Road shuttle is enjoyable. Teaching lessons and witnessing skiers improve moment by moment is incredible, especially since they'll remember the instructional points in every ski thereafter. Watching the future develop in front of our eyes with the regional school racing teams in training and at the race we had is inspiring and fulfilling in so many ways, and a reward to us knowing that they'll grow into better students, citizens and individuals though their intense efforts and team structure.

All of this is possible because you are able to get out on snow, get to ski, get out into the Adirondack wilderness here and get to create your own adventures and make your own tracks. We are lucky to have you visit and lucky to have nice conditions for your enjoyment. We'll hold out for more snow, and it looks like some is indeed coming our way for this weekend. More great skiing and more great adventures to behold. Believe it -- we have snow, we have good skiing, and you'll have a great time. We'll see you out on the trails!

Moose Run Groom

Softening Afternoon Snow -- Bobcat Trail

Taking a break during Skate lessons with expert instructor Adam (in black)

Last ride of the day -- Roger's Road Bus

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