Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eggs Bread and Milk, Part 1

I am from Pennsylvania, and down yonder, winter storms like the one coming here today are "sold" with a bit of dread in news reporting. Quite possibly that keeps you riveted to the news and standing in line at the grocer's getting eggs, bread and milk. Or, if you are like my friends Bob and Damien, you are jumping in your car at 4:30AM to get to the 'Dacks where the mood is much more ecstatic. North Country positively embraces this kind of weather, and Bob and Damien know that major potent powder storms are special events to be played within.

They've arrived just before today's storm with a trunkload of skating skis, BC gear, headlamps and the exuberance of a bunch of kids out of school on a snow day. They're out skating now, the leading edge of the storm has arrived, and I'm going to drag them through the backcountry tonight during the height of the storm!

We are looking to receive 8-16" of new snow over the next 36 hours, and there is such a buzz in all of North Country. This weekend looks to be an awesome opportunity for an epic adventure of your own. Get your trunk packed full of gear, eat lots of eggs, bread and milk and come up and make your own tracks!

I will update you on Bob and Damien's excellent adventure tomorrow, after morning reporting, plowing, shoveling, grooming, lessons, etc. Stay tuned!

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  1. Jay, Hope you got that big dump of the white stuff as many other parts of the country wishes for...and others not. Also keeps Dale out of trouble and on the trails with grooming...and Henry busy in the ski shop. Enjoy your writing.
    Dennis Green