Friday, November 4, 2011

Trail Work

Currently I've been working to clear and cut the trail system to get it ready for the ski season.  

Here are some pics of what things look like:

The first picture was taken down by the Harvey Tailings and shows my Gator and tractor with the Box Cutter attachment.  I'm using that to smooth out areas that have ruts and to smooth areas that have had to be filled in with tailings.  It's kind of like a road grader for a tractor.

This photo is just of Balm of Gillead hill as seen from the Harvey Tailings on a nice cold morning.

And finally here is a pic of the Gator about to dump a load of tailings into a washed out culvert on Cyotee Pass.  Hurricane Irene and the big rains we had this spring and summer did a real number on the trails this season so all that has to be fixed before ski season.  But we're getting there.

Next will be to finish cutting the trails from Rogers Rd. down to Schoolhouse Rd.  I'll post some more pics of that over this weekend.

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