Friday, November 25, 2011

Moving Ahead

It looks like things are coming together now with the sale of the Lodge.  There are no serious objections on the table to prevent the sale from going through. Within a week or two, Mindy and I will be running Garnet Hill Lodge.
However, the shear number of tasks that need to be accomplished by then and shortly after is daunting.

My list just for today includes about 15 items.

1. Get work started on the vehicles - The bus and plow truck
2. Get work started on the snowmobiles - The skandic WT
3. Fill out and fax an account application to the PistenBully dealer in Utica
4. Call the Building Inspector to find out more about Exit lighting requirements
5. Talk to Shannen about starting work on some bridge repairs
6. Get help online with setting up QuickBooks accounting properly for the business
7. Get back to the insurance broker with answers to his questions
8. Call back the guy from the Times Union who wants to talk about the Lodge
9. Talk to Jay about his staffing plans and requirements for the Ski Shop
10. Start calling the various utilities to initiate the change over
11. Verify that the water testing is current so that the permits to operate won't be held up.
12. Call the Liquor Authority to ask some questions about the application for a license.
13. Meet with a prospective Lodge Manager about employment.
14. Get this blog entry going
15. Talk to Mary about some questions I had given her.

So tomorrow I'll post on how far I get on this list.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures:
 After the snow storm we got on Wednesday

 What the fireplace looks like now

 What the rest of the dining room looks like now

 The bus and my doggie Cooper

The dining room decked out for a wedding earlier this year

The weather is looking good for getting the current snow out of the way so we can proceed with preperations for the season.

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