Saturday, October 4, 2014

Poetry of the Mountains

Jim and Marion Elder have been coming to Garnet Hill Lodge for over 40 years.  They are in fact our most loyal and long standing guest.  They have generally come to the lodge each of those forty years for Nordic skiing as well as for the Autumn colors in October.  They are wonderful people and we cherish their company when they are here.
This past week when they were here, Jim presented us with a poem he had written as he contemplated making the trip up here.  He said it just came to him and flowed from his pen with virtually no effort.  And so we present it here in its entirety. We will also be displaying it on our web site too.

Garnet Hill Lodge
An Adirondack Gem

I’m off to the mountains and away from it all,
Where the air is clear and the trees grow tall;
Walking through the woods where nature abounds,
And listening to the silence that’s all around.

If this sounds like a place you've been looking for,
Garnet Hill Lodge has it and a whole lot more;
Hiking, biking, and Nordic skiing, too,
But no matter the season, there's always something to do.

It’s over forty years since I first walked through the door,
And I've been back every year to enjoy it some more;
They have a great staff to take care of the guests,
And they all do their best to fulfill your requests.

Now your hosts Don and Mindy--what an amazing pair,
You can tell by their efforts that they both really care;
To make sure their guests enjoy the time that they spend,
While visiting their beautiful Adirondack Gem.

Jim Elder
September 2014

A Beautiful September Wedding

And a Fun Reception to Follow

And Joe Wiegand came as Teddy Roosevelt again this year and put on a great show that was entertaining, educational and just plain old bully.

And here are some photos taken by various guests from their treks to nearby points of interest:

Peaked Mountain

Thirteenth Lake from the other side

William Blake Pond

And last but not least, the view from Hooper Mine

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