Thursday, August 14, 2014

Endless Summer Fun with an Eye Toward the Winter Season

As the days of summer start to get shorter now and folks start to get ready for school and other non-vacational thoughts, there's still a few top 10 days left in this beautiful summer we've been experiencing.  And we're using those beautiful days to our best advantage, which is to get ready for winter skiing, of course.  So it's been trail work and signage work for our staff while guests go out and enjoy the sunshine, lake, beach and hiking and biking trails.

A very nice family group posed for us on the lawn as part of the reunion celebration

Trail Signage is one of the things we're currently working on to get ready for the winter season
Mindy's Dad, Dennis has been doing a great job with them.

Don proudly displaying a newly added and much needed sign.

New signs at the top of Sugarhouse Trail before the descent to Roger's Rd.

 Couple Relaxing in a very nice boat on Thirteenth Lake

Our new dock on the lake on a beautiful summer day, of which we've had quite a few 

Rock Piling out on the lake - a popular pass-time these days in the Adirondacks.

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