Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Excitement

It's been a very busy few weeks here in July with a full house of guests, a busy restaurant and lots of activities going on outside on the trails, at the beach or just relaxing on the lawn.  Just this last weekend we had a wonderful wine tasting event featuring 5 different wine makers from around New York State.  It coincided with Governor Cuomo's White Water Challenge weekend which was to promote the Adirondacks as the great vacation destination that we are.

We were honored to have State Senator Betty Little as our guest in the afternoon and we had a very nice chat with her

State Senator Betty Little and Mindy sampling the wines of Suhru, based in Eastern Long Island.  Each wine maker had a display of the wines they offered during the afternoon

In the afternoon, Dan Berggren serenaded everyone with local folk songs about the Adirondacks.

Meanwhile, other guests enjoyed their wine outside on the lawn on a warm summer afternoon.

In the evening everyone had a wonderful dinner tasting the wines of 5 different New York wine makers paired with the most delicious entree courses from Chef Heidi Plumley.  A great time was had by all.

The week before Mindy and I had the pleasure of accompanying one of our long time and frequent guests on a quest to explore the caves at Chimney mountain in nearby Indian Lake.  It was quite and experience to slide between some very large rocks to enter a massive cave complex that descends deep in to the mountain.

The hike begins at this beautiful bucolic farm at the base of the mountain.

The top of Chimney Mountain as seen from the cave section across the divide.

The cave entrance is a very slim crawl space between the giant rocks.

A pose for the cameras deep within the cave

The truth is stranger than fiction moment when we came across a room key to one of our guest rooms sitting by itself on this large boulder deep within the cave.

A group staying with us enjoying some smores out at the campfire after dark

In the background is a girl twirling a lighted hula hoop

Abbey with Cooper and Reagan on the lawn

A deer enjoying lunch by Thirteenth Lake

My niece Abegail enjoying the sights at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake which is a short drive from the Lodge.
Once again, Abbey with her Mom, enjoying a ride on a paddle board on Thirteenth Lake

Self Explanatory

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