Sunday, January 6, 2013

Biathlon Excitement

We are very pleased and proud to have hosted our first winter Biathlon event at Garnet Hill Lodge on Sunday, January 6th, 2013.  It was a great success with a large, enthusiastic turn out and a very talented field of competitors.
The event was sponsored and run by the Capitol Region Nordic Alliance (CRNA) organization and is just the first of many events they will be holding at GHL this winter season.
The shooting range was put in down at the Tailings this summer and worked out very well.
See our website for more... events that will be held this season.

A few of the athletes pose for a photo after the race

Agusto (Goose) Perez is a US Paralympian Nordic XC and Biathlon athlete. He is also a 2 time paralympian in curling in 2010, Vancouver, CA and 2006 Torino, IT.  He is also a World Bronze Medalist in Kayaking.  After losing his leg and pelvis to a rare form of cancer only five years ago, Goose has taken up the Nordic winter sports with enthusiasm and gusto and we were very pleased to have him at our competition on Sunday.

Here Goose comes in for one of his shooting rounds in the Biathlon event.

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