Friday, August 31, 2012

As Summers End Draws Near

Mindy and I have just returned from a short getaway of our own prior to diving in to preparations for the fall and winter seasons.  We visited Gettysburg, PA along with her two boys Blake and Andrew.  We had a nice time there taking tours and visiting historic sites.  We also did some antique shopping but didn't come away with anything significant for the lodge.
Business at the lodge has been brisk this summer and we're hoping to keep our momentum going through much of the fall.  We still have a lot to offer people who want to get away from it all and just enjoy themselves in the natural surroundings we have here.
But we're also starting to focus on the winter season to let folks know that the skiing here will be phenomenal this year, with all the great snow we're going to get and the ample equipment we have to handle it and the expert grooming team we have in place.
So we do feel refreshed and re-energized to continue making Garnet Hill Lodge just a little bit better every day.  Over the last several weeks we've been going over the rooms in the lodge to make as many small but significant improvements as possible.  We're also cleaning and staining the log railings at the Tea House and  the Birches and they're coming out very nicely.  See pictures below.
In other news, here's a link to the YouTube movie snippet that is being circulated for 'Approaching Normal'. The movie was shot at Garnet Hill Lodge in its entirety and is planned to be released early next year.

 On Aug. 24th we hosted a get together for a local non-profit organization - The Adirondack Community Fund which provides support for many other non-profit and volunteer organizations in the area.

 The monetary awards were presented to the recipients under the old apple tree.

Mindy's Dad Dennis arrived on Thursday to stay with us for a week so I'm sure he will make a difference in the gardens and landscaping of the lodge.  Meanwhile, Dale and Mark are plugging away on various improvement projects and painting.

 The Birches in the process of some painting updates

 Dale painting one of the windows.

 The Tea House painting in progress

The back of the Tea House.  The railing is in ok shape, it just has never been coated with anything to protect the wood.  We've re-enforced the supports and we will be replacing some of the railings over time.
This young fawn was spotted (no pun intended) down near the Adventure Center on Friday morning.  Dale got the picture.

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  1. Don and Mindy - the lodge and grounds look fantastic. And dinner was awesome last night. Nice job all around.